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All Loved Up

by Sarah on September 3rd, 2013

Natural Mamas, I’m terribly sorry that I haven’t filled you in on the birth of our little guy. Yes, it’s a boy, and his name is Matthew. There’s just no way that I can begin to describe how happy I am or how in love I am. There’s something about this experience (possibly because it could be the last baby I have, or because it’s a boy, or maybe because I’ve experienced it before) but this time it feels more real, more tangible. I’ve had the most blissful six weeks, snuggling and cuddling to my heart’s content. We’ve had so much love and support from visitors and house guests too. All in all, it’s been a magical time.

I’m not going to give you the full birth story now because it’s still “under construction“. What I will say is that it was incredibly intense, but also incredibly beautiful. I’m feeling more empowered than ever (I pushed out a 4.78kg baby!) and am more passionate about the natural birthing process than ever.

I also just have to say that I know you’ll have noticed that my posts have been dwindling over the last six or so months, and for that I want to apologise. Besides being kept very busy with family life (I know you all understand this one), I’ve also been getting more and more involved in the career side of life too. A few amazing opportunities have flown my way which are just a little too perfect for me to push them aside. So I’ve been juggling many balls to the best of my ability, and unfortunately this blog has suffered. I’ve received some really thoughtful and kind messages from fellow Natural Mamas, and that’s what has encouraged me to keep trying and keep writing. My passion for all things natural continues to grow, as do my heart and soul, and I so hope that I’ll be able to continue to share my lessons with you :)

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  • Andrea

    Congratulations to you! He is GORGEOUS!!!!!!

  • Sarah

    Thank you Andrea!