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Patiently Waiting

by Sarah on July 10th, 2013

So, I’m 40-weeks-and-2-days pregnant. Yes, I’m officially overdue. The crazy thing is that I never imagined getting to this point because I have been so busy with work-related things. I was convinced that all the stress and rushing around would bring baby out early. It didn’t. I finished everything I needed to do last Friday, and so have had a few blissful days of family time and rest. And now, we’re waiting…

What I’ve been finding the most difficult are the comments, advice and questions that I’ve been getting about being late. I think it’s part of living in a small town, because wherever we go, there’s someone I know. I know that everyone means well, but it’s starting to make me feel anxious. Lots of jokes about driving on bumpy roads and eating hot curries, lots of shop assistants having mini heart attacks when they ask me when I’m due, and lots of, “But what are you going to do if baby takes much longer?”.

I’ve been chatting to my midwife and homeopath, and they’ve both been great in re-assuring me how totally normal it is to get to this point. Maybe it’s  because our general Western society is so used to scheduled caesars, and two-day-late inductions, that people aren’t used to women going passed 40 weeks. And that’s another thing. A due date is such an estimate, the chances of it being exact are incredibly slim.

What I’ve decided to do is just stay at home and take this last little while really easy. I imagine  being in a highly-hormonal-full-term-pregnant-state is the largest part of the problem, and that’s why my safe little bubble is the best place for me to be.

So, the birthing pool, pilates ball and medical and baby things are all patiently waiting on standby. I’m taking a homeopathic remedy to encourage my labour naturally, and am otherwise trying to make the most of this peaceful time.

A precious soul is going to be separating itself from mine within the next little while, and then I get to physically hold and snuggle him/her to my heart’s content. What a blessing to be waiting for…