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Our Children, Our Teachers

by Sarah on July 15th, 2013

Isn’t it amazing that through our kids, we are able to learn so much about life, about ourselves –  even  when they’re still in the womb. I’m now a week passed my due date, and have been on one incredible journey in this time. I’ve stayed mostly inside my safe little bubble at home, but even here have battled with my emotions around being overdue.

I’ve heard tons of stories now of woman going to 42 weeks, and fully realise how normal and natural it is for baby to take longer than 40 weeks to be born, yet it’s been incredibly difficult to trust in the process and to let go of all anxiety and fear of judgement that surround it. Mostly, for me, it’s about letting go of control. I can’t plan or decide when this baby is going to be born, and because it’s not arriving on “my time” I’ve been left feeling pretty insecure.

What’s interesting is that it seems that that’s very much how many of  my family and friends are feeling too. I think in general, people like to know when and how to expect things so that they can plan their lives accordingly, and so that they can feel assured that everything is “safe”. I suppose it all ties in with our age of instant gratification, receiving things when we want them and having all the answers. We’re used to quick fixes, convenience, science and being able to affect the outcome of events if we choose to.

Now, in a situation where no one is in  control, I feel a little lost. I’ve kept going into my head, becoming analytical, trying to figure out why this is happening to me, what if there’s something wrong with me, my body, my baby, my emotions, my spirituality and then, trying to figure out what I can I do to fix it.

This Natural Mama has been forgetting about nature.

My midwife was here this morning and totally reassured me how happy and healthy my baba is. I can feel that my body is really healthy and strong, I’m even sleeping incredibly well at night. We can see that my body is in the very early stages of labour, and the chances are that it’s taking things slowly because Baby Bean is big, like Lily. So my body knows what is best for it, my baby knows what is best for it, yet I’ve been choosing to worry about it because it’s not what I wanted. Hmmm…

Lily continues to teach me about unconditional love and the setting of boundaries, Bean is teaching me about truly trusting the natural processes of life and letting go. Aren’t I lucky mama to have these little beings show me these lessons so that I can continue grow? Have a think what your children are trying to show you. If you’re open to the lessons, even the difficult ones, you’ll be amazed at how wise your teachers are :)

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  • Fatima

    Hi Sarah, I just came across your blog and I’m so pleased that I found you. I went into labour at 41 weeks 3 days and had my baby (after a 56 hour, all natural labour!) at 41 weeks 5 days.

    I hope your birth went well and I look forward to reading your birth story :)