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Loss, Gratitude and a Health Kick

by Sarah on May 9th, 2013

I’ve had a bit of a sad time since I last wrote. My Grandpa passed away. He was old and ready to go, but for anyone who is close to their grandparents, you’ll know how it feels to lose one. Especially someone who was larger than life, like he was.

From death there always comes lessons, and my biggest lesson of all is to be grateful. Grateful that I had the opportunity of loving and being loved by grandparents for so many years, grateful that I have such an amazing family (who place huge amounts of importance on things that really count, like relationships) and grateful for all the happy memories that I have of my Gramps.

Something else that has come out of his death is the urge to continue looking at my life for ways to make it fuller, happier and healthier. The end of one cycle is always the opportunity for another to begin. There have been a few things I’ve been meaning to get going with for ages and just haven’t done, so I reckoned that when I came back to Knysna from the funeral, it would be the perfect time to get started.

I’m finally ordering vegetables from a nearby organic farm (as close to organic as they can be for now) to supplement what we grow, and to make sure that I don’t buy any more out-of-season, chemical ridden veggies. See how fabulous they look! They taste amazing too :)

And then we’ve started, as per the suggestion of raw food guru, David Wolfe, to have a raw smoothie, juice and sprouts everyday. We’re making them pink so that Lily buys into the whole concept, and so far so good. In fact, it’s her that asks me in the afternoon when we’re going to make our pinkalicious juice! We’re each getting in about six different raw fruits, six raw veggies everyday and raw nuts, seeds and sprouts everyday. The change in energy levels and improved digestion was almost immediate. And I now wake up craving my smoothie so it doesn’t feel like an effort to make it at all :)

Have a beautiful weekend, Natural Mamas. You’ll be hearing from me again soon…

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