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Weekends in Nature

by Sarah on April 19th, 2013

Graeme and I have agreed that we’re going to spend more and more time camping on the weekends. We’ve made a deal that we’ll go at least once a month, and so far have stuck to it. It’s been magical. Even though we’ve had trips with wind, rain, tummy bugs and broken-down cars to challenge us, there’s just nothing that beats spending an entire weekend cooking over a fire, eating every meal under the sky and spending all day playing outside.

It’s also just the perfect way to remind ourselves how simple life can be, and how few things we actually need. Our tent has two rooms (it’s rather a palace of tent I must admit) and I had the very powerful thought the last time we were camping, how that is all we actually need for our family. Back home we have this huge house and all this stuff, but in fact, two rooms, a couple tables chairs and a mattress met all of our basic needs. We were comfy, and happy!

If you don’t go camping very often, I really would like to encourage you to add it into your life. I think it’s the perfect way to encourage your children to spend more time in the natural world, and for them to realise how simple and joyful life can be :)



  • Annevan

    Transkei, June/July?

  • Anonymous

    Bubba is due early July, so I don’t think I’ll be heading into the wilderness quite then! Hope you stop over on the way there or back xxx

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