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Love is the Most Important “Thing” of All

by Sarah on April 4th, 2013

As most of you would of guessed by my absence, life has been a little crazy lately. I had another whole post planned to do with the last few weeks, but just got told that one of my best friend’s sister’s passed away this morning. Although I didn’t know his sister well at all, I can quite literally feel my heart hurting for their family. She was young, she was married, she had two small children. She had  three close-knit siblings, and very very devoted parents. In fact, the more I think about it, they’re just one of those family’s that you can’t imagine this sort of thing happening to. A brain tumour killing a thirty-something-year-old in just a few weeks from discovering it. It seems so cruel.

Most of the things that I’ve been learning about and struggling with in the last few weeks seem so insignificant now. A tummy bug. The flu. Work. Jealousy. Money. Home decor.  A child becoming a fussy eater. What is all that “stuff” when it can just disappear in a second? It’s nothing. They’re things that we spend our time worrying over, trying to avoid, or trying to fix. I wonder how many of us are wasting our time, energy and love on a daily basis over things that actually mean nothing at all?

I imagine my friend’s family will be learning that lesson more deeply now than any of us will be able to comprehend. The lesson of true loving, true being. All that the rest of us can do is try our very bests to keep the lesson at the forefront of our minds. To catch our stressful or worrying thoughts and to throw them out. To sit on the floor with our children and colour or cut or stick. To hold our husband’s hand. To prepare simple meals and to enjoy them with our families around a table. To call those that we love from afar.  To take time to walk on the beach, or drink coffee with a friend, or to just be. To live a life of love. Carrying out the small actions of love. I reckon that’s the most important thing of all.

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