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Birth Without Fear

by Sarah on April 12th, 2013

So, it’s less than three months until our Baby Bean (child No.2) is born. I must be honest, although physically my pregnancy has been exactly the same as it was with Lily, emotionally and mentally it’s been very different. Everyone said that when you have a toddler you don’t have the same time to focus on your pregnancy, and I see what they mean. In some ways it feels like a total dream that we’re going to have another baby – besides being kicked in the ribs every few hours! And of course because I’ve experienced childbirth once before, the same questions and apprehension, aren’t as much of a feature this time around.

(image via Birth Without Fear blog)

To try and make this pregnancy feel more real, I’ve been placing a lot more of my time and focus on it in the last couple of weeks. I’ve started the baby room, and bought him/her a new little outfit. We’ve been sifting through names in the evenings, and I’ve also been reading some great blogs. One of the best that I’ve come across is Birth Without Fear, and that’s what I wanted to share with you today.

There are a number of women involved in the blog, and many, many different birthing stories and views are shared. It’s incredibly empowering to read about the births of others, and to gain as much knowledge about birthing as possible, because I believe that’s how we, as women and mothers, are able to make the most informed decisions. If you’re expecting, hoping to fall pregnant, or are just purely interested in the birthing topic, I can highly recommend this beautiful blog :)

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