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What is a Natural Mama?

by Sarah on February 11th, 2013

I’ve just spent a wonderful week in Cape Town, where I got to chat to lots of different moms about various things related to natural living and parenting. It got me thinking about what exactly I believe a Natural Mama or Natural Parent to be. Here’s what it means to me:

  • The main idea behind being a Natural Mama is that we are conscious parents. This means that we don’t just parent blindly (because a book says so, your mom says so or a doctor says so). We parent from our hearts, from love for ourselves and love for our children, and we make sure that we are fully aware of the choices that we make as parents and why we are making them. We try our very best to not parent from fear.
  • We look to Nature for guidance in all areas of parenting. This means we see the value in  things like natural birth, breastfeeding and wearing your baby as often as possible. This is because practices like these have been carried out for thousands of years by humans and even longer by animals. We trust that Nature knows best because it is so much older and stronger than us.
  •  When buying food, cleaning products, cosmetics, clothes, etc, we consider what they are made of, where they were made. We aim to buy products which are as close to their natural, organic or whole state as possible. 
  • Spending time outdoors with our children is important to us.
  • Encouraging our children to learn lessons based on nature and natural principles is important to us.
  • We understand that there is a Higher Power working with us, through us. Whether you call it Nature, God, Source,etc  it is a presence that guides us in our parenting responsibilities and decisions.
  • We understand the importance of balance, just as Nature does. There is no need for us to be extremists or fundamentalists, cutting ourselves off from the rest of the world. For me, it’s important to have one foot in the spiritual, natural world, and one foot in the everyday world. If we are to help and guide others to lead a more conscious, wholesome, natural lifestyle, we need to be able to relate to them, and them to us. If we are too extreme in our beliefs, if we’ve lost touch with the real world of today (the plastic-sugar-television-made-in-china-chemical-ridden world), then we need to question why. It is our world, it is our home, and it needs us to be a part of it, so that we are able to help it grow and evolve in love.
  • We respect other parents and their beliefs and choices. Our way is not necessarily the right way. There is no right way.
  • We do not judge other parents, other parents-to-be, other children. Everyone is on their own path, with their own lessons to learn, their own past, present and future. I’ll repeat this: We do not judge.
  • We understand that a happy, fulfilled Mama is the best kind of Mama for our children. If that means you work a full day, half day or not at all, it really doesn’t matter. If your heart is smiling because it is pleased with how you spend your time and energy, I believe that your children’s hearts will be smiling too. My favourite quote applies to this: “Then one day she decided to create the life of her dreams, while her child watched her every move”.
  • And lastly, we understand that we are separate from our children. We are their parents, their teachers, their guides. They are not an extension of us. They are their own beings, on their own paths, with their own lessons to learn. We cannot take their every word and action personally. We do not need to make excuses for them. We must not judge them, we must not judge ourselves because of them. All we can do is love them, and do our very best for them, whatever that means to us.
  • Robyn

    Such a lovely insightful piece. Ultimately anything that comes from the heart is always for the highest I suppose! I hope this gets shared with many new moms – will be forwarding it on to my friends. Thanks xxx