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New Beginnings, Consistency and Discipline

by Sarah on January 16th, 2013

My, it has been a long time! My humblest apologies for deserting all of you Natural Mamas for so many weeks. May I put it down to an incredibly busy time with school holidays, my Christmas market, and a house full of guests for a month? Possibly just a little to my lack of consistency and discipline, but more on that in a moment.

I hope that you all had a wonderful festive season with your families, that you managed to get some time to yourself, and that you’re now fully into the swing of 2013. Is it just me or do you also get the feeling that this is going to be a wonderful year? I suppose the answer to that, is that it’s going to be what we all choose to make of it :)

And that leads me to my biggest lesson over these holidays. Consistency and discipline. What’s interesting is that I wrote a post about discipline almost two years ago. Funny that all this time later, I found myself back in a similar space – lacking energy, organisation, and just filled with a general feeling of mind clutter. Although two years ago I managed to become more disciplined, I clearly was not very consistent about it, and started to slide backwards again, or at least fall back into a familiar cycle.

Again, it was the healer that I see once a month who pointed it out to me. I seem to have recurring issues in my life, I suppose many of us do, and quite clearly, until I learn to be disciplined and consistent about fixing them, I’m going to keep ending up in the same place. For instance, my candida is back. I’m back on the diet, back on the supplements. I obviously never followed through strictly enough to cure it. I’m about the least fit I’ve ever been in my life and that leads me to having very little physical energy for everything else in my life. I still struggle to wake up in the mornings. My kitchen is still always looking like something exploded in it – except when my poor house guests were here. I was AMAZED at how disciplined and consistent they were with tidying!

And then this lack of discipline and consistency, spills into my life as a parent too. Slowly I allowed Lily to watch more TV this holiday (ugh!). She ate more sugar than usual. She has a dummy, supposedly for the bed and car only, but I’d slowly let it slide into other parts of the day too. Very confusing for her, when I’m suddenly saying, “The dummy is only for bed, Lily”, and she had it on the couch that very morning!

Perhaps you’re reading this and thinking, ‘This sounds just like me!’. Or perhaps you’re just the opposite. Perhaps you’re too consistent, too disciplined, you like to have everything completely in order otherwise things feel out of control. I guess whatever your predicament is, what I’m learning again and again is that it can be fixed. I’m really, really really trying to set clear intentions and place my focus on creating a disciplined, consistent routine. Slowly de-cluttering my house, exercising in the mornings, meditating and journalling daily, and setting clear boundaries for Lily.  If you’re someone who needs to go more with the flow, then place your attention on that.

We all know that new years are a great time for setting intentions, and starting fresh. The key is being disciplined and consistent about carrying out the intentions we’ve set :)

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  • Robyn

    Thanks for sharing Sarah – did miss your posts dearly and so glad to be able to sit down with a cup of tea and see what Natural Mama is up to again :) Lots of love xxx