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A Nappy-Free Blog and Little Bit More about Boundaries

by Sarah on January 31st, 2013

A fellow Natural Mama recently sent me the link to her new blog, Light and Splendour. Andrea co-authors the blog with her husband, Daniel. They recently had their first child, and are recording their experiences of raising little Dia to be nappy-free.

Their journey is a beautiful one to take note of, and their blog an informative and entertaining one to read. I love how honest they are, and how connected they’re learning to be with their Dia. Light and Splendour also shares other great tips on how to live a more natural, eco-conscious life. All together a great one to follow – and because it’s relatively new, it’s easy to go back and start reading their posts right from the very beginning!

And then lastly, I did touch on this last week, but what I’m really learning to accept is that sometimes when Lily is over-tired, there’s just no distracting or going back from a tantrum. I quickly see that it’s going to happen and then I allow her to let the emotions out, but not giving her any attention whatsoever. They’re now getting shorter and shorter. Sometimes I’ll just quietly put my hand on her leg so that she knows I care about her, but am not going to play into the drama of it. It helps me to stay calm, and not get worked up or embarrassed.

Our children are going to have tons of negative emotions throughout their lives, and I firmly believe that it’s important we allow them to experience and really feel them, but also not use them to get their own way. A fine line, but an important one to work with.

I have also been told before that when a child becomes completely hysterical, it’s a good idea to grab them in a huge hug and apply a lot of body pressure, to almost restrict them. Tantrums like this have often gone beyond emotion, and apparently this pressure helps to shut down their senses and quieten the active part of their brain, calming them down more quickly. Most definitely worth a try.

That’s it, Natural Mamas. Enjoy Light and Splendour, and have a beautiful, beautiful week xxx

PS. Some yummy new recipes coming soon!



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