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Some Planting, Nightly Wanderings, and other Exciting News

by Sarah on November 8th, 2012

To kick-start my new way of doing things on the blog, I thought I’d show you a little of what I’ve been doing in the way of planting fruit and veggies. Like this new a little Raspberry bush.

They apparently become rather unruly, so we thought it would do well as a border on our property. And then we added an almond and a cherry tree to our field of fruit. Although it’ll take a few years to reap the benefits, I’m incredibly excited about the additions!

My herb pots are happily underway, with new coriander, parsley and sage seedlings. The thyme, rosemary, origanum and chilli plant are the same from last season and seem to be as healthy as ever. The only thing that’s missing is some basil. I’ll get to that one soon!

And then here’s our veggie patch.

We’re following the ancient practice of planting according to the cycles of the moon. So all the fruit-bearing veggie seeds (the ones which grow the food above the ground) were planted a few days before full moon, and we’ll soon plant the root crops because it’s almost the time of new moon. Of course, there’s not much to see from the seeds yet, but the veggies which we’d planted earlier in Spring (and which managed to survive without any attention whatsoever!) have been given so much love, water and compost tea in the last couple of weeks, that they’re quite literally beaming!

It’s not only our fruit and veggies that growing like crazy, so is our little Lily. She’s just recently taken the very brave step of climbing out of her bed in the night and walking through to our room, asking to go for a wee. It also means that she comes wandering through the minute the birds start to sing, about four thirty in the morning! “Mommy,”she says, “I want to sleep with you”. No problem at all. Family snoozes and snuggles are my favourite part of the day.

And guess what! In just under eight months, there’ll be another little snuggler in our bed. Yes, Natural Mamas, that’s my exciting news. I have another bun in the oven! It’s still a very small bun – I’m just under six weeks pregnant. I know lots of ladies like to wait until twelve weeks to spread the news, but I’m all for sharing and support, and quite frankly, am just far too happy to keep it to myself. What’s really great about this, in terms of the blog, is that I’ll get back onto all  natural pregnancy and birthing topics, and no doubt will chat about some of the many emotions which arise, and are currently in full swing :)

Thanks again to all of you who very kindly wrote to me – I can’t explain how much it meant. Oh, and I’ll be putting a weekly recipe in a separate post, purely for category/searching purposes. Hope you enjoy :)

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