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by Sarah on October 30th, 2012

Hi Natural Mamas,

I’m back from my trip to Australia. I can’t quite quite explain how amazing it was, or much good it did me. It was only when I was so ridiculously emotional during the first week of the holiday, that I truly realised how stressed I was before I left. And what I decided there and then, was to never allow myself to get to that point. Never. It’s not fun for me, or my family.

Having three weeks to just hang out with Lily, Graeme, friends, and Nature, put so many things into perspective for me. Not having any other commitments besides to cook delicious food, play with my child, and possibly lie on the beach, made me realise how much simpler I want my life to be. Of course, it can’t be one permanent holiday, that’s not real, but it can be close. And that’s a choice that we make. It’s a choice I’ve decided to make.

At first, I thought I would quit writing my blogs all together. Not because I don’t enjoy them, but because what I want to focus on more is the basics. Things like growing veggies – really growing veggies, where we get permanent supply of them. Cooking whole foods for my family. Again, properly, daily, enthusiastically. And playing with Lily. Having an entire afternoon to spend with her, every day, not dragging her around with me while I get other errands done.

I had written a post in my head, how I was going to break the news, but when I got back, and started to weed the veggie patch, plant seeds with Lily and bake muffins, rusks and muesli, I had this strong urge to tell you all about it. And I realised, I’m not ready to quit Natural Mama all together. If I’m going to be doing this Natural Living thing properly, I’d love to continue to share my experiences with you.

So, the good news is that Natural Mama will continue to exist. But the not-so-good news is that my posts will rather be weekly, not daily. It means, I’ll have the time to live my simple life, not needing to be online as often, but that I can then share what I’ve learned, or cooked, or sewn, etc. I guess it’ll be a case of quality, instead of quantity. No more spreading myself thin!

And Natural Mamas, in return, I’d like to ask you all a huge, huge favour. Please get in touch with me. If you’re not sure how to comment on a post, just email me and I’ll  help you with pleasure – Or if you receive this in your inbox, just click “reply”. Even if it’s just to say hi, how you’re doing, where you’re at, whether you agreed or disagreed with what I said, anything. I’m not earning money from this blog, I’m doing it for the love of it, but what keeps me going the most is when Mamas write to me and tell me what they think. Even just a couple words every now and then. Okay?

I hope that all of you and your families, and are happy, healthy and managing to find some quiet time too.

Love to you all and will be in touch soon,


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  • Anne Spotless

    Hooray to you! xxx