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by Sarah on September 3rd, 2012

After all the cleaning I’ve been doing, it’s been great to have some proper hands-on experience with the different products that I buy. My favourite for cleaning our bathrooms is ProBac Bathroom Cleanrer. When Kerryn used to write for Natural Mama, she once spoke about how great ProBac was for removing the stains from nappies. I’ve kept an eye out for it ever since then, and only recently did I spot it at Pick ‘n Pay. It cleans like a dream.

It comes in a concentrate form, so for things like toilet bowls, you’d pour some directly in, but for generally cleaning of baths, showers, basins, etc, it can be diluted with water. With 1/20 ratio, the 1litre bottle goes a long way. What’s so fantastic about ProBac, as their website says, is that it “combines non-harmful natural elements with beneficial bacteria that actively biodegrade dirt in the process of cleaning”.

Every now and then Lily has a toilet disaster where pooh ends up all over the show (the joys of toddlers). ProBac is the perfect product to use for this because you can actually see it breaking the dirt down, making it so easy to clean. And it has a great fresh aroma too!

They have a variety of different products for different areas and types of cleaning, and from what I’ve experienced using ProBac, I can highly, highly recommend them. You can buy your ProBac from leading supermarkets around the country, otherwise they do also have an online store.

PS. As you’ll see on their homepage, they run a monthly competition where you can win a year’s supply of ProBac products. Go enter :)

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