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NATURAL PRODUCT: Mother Nature’s All-in-One

by Sarah on September 17th, 2012

Mother Nature very kindly posted me a sample nappy of their most recent design of their Bamboo All-in-One cloth nappy. Lily has been giving it a try while she sleeps and we both very much approve. It’s soft and comfy for her to wear, is absorbent, and shows no sign of leaking whatsoever. I really like how Mother Nature have adapted to having the removable inner, instead of the whole separate cloth nappy and cover. It’s way less bulky.

They also gave us a couple of fleece liners to try out, and we love them! I’m thinking that they’re a particularly good idea for young babies, because they’re so soft on the skin. In fact, a re-usable liner makes the most sense environmentally too, because you can just wash it and use it again, instead of the others that you toss out after using once or twice. Although, the flushable bamboo liners are biodegradable, so they are eco-conscious too :)

Overall, Lily and I can highly, highly recommend the Mother Natures All-in-one Cloth Nappies. They’re made in SA, come in a few different fun colours, and they’re all about comfort, effectiveness and reducing waste on our planet. Nice!

PS. My model wasn’t as co-operative as I’d hoped, but you can see still how very cute the nappies are! And also worth noting is how tightly the press-studs fasten. Lily really had to work very hard to get it undone :)

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