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THURSDAY’S THOUGHTS: The Ritual of Cleansing

by Sarah on August 23rd, 2012

Something that I’ve been very inconsistent with since Lily was born has been looking after myself physically and pampering myself. I’m guessing that I’m not the only Mama out there, who’s put all of this to the side. Somehow when you have a baby needing to be changed and fed, or a toddler yanking you out of bed to do a puzzle, or to make her some toast, a consistent beauty routine gets pushed to the side.

You’ll have noticed from my Natural Living posts that lately I’ve been placing more importance on taking care of my skin. Something just clicked for me about a month ago, where I realised how much of a difference I feel in myself if I enforce that every morning and every evening I follow a beauty routine. In fact, it’s now become a ritual. It’s a way to have ten minutes to myself, and to give love and energy to myself.

And ever since I’ve been doing it consistently, I’ve noticed such a big difference. My skin obviously looks and feels softer. And overall, I feel fresher and lighter. I can actually feel more of a glow. It’s made me want to take it further by playing with the raw food masks every now and then, pampering my hair too, and also applying eyeliner and mascara everyday. And that’s made me feel even better. Prettier. Cared for. Loved.

And the other thing that I’ve been focusing on is making sure that I drink enough water everyday. It might sound crazy to some, but I’ve actually been setting alarms for myself every two hours, to remember to drink a glass of it. What I’ve discovered is that your body becomes less thirsty, the less you drink, so you actually have to train yourself to drink more, until your body begins to need it more and remind you naturally.

Drinking water is another ritual of cleansing that just makes me feel better. Again, lighter. And it gives me more energy, and even more of a general glow. We all know that it’s vital for our digestive system and lymphatic system, and that it hydrates our skin, but I think sometimes when you spend so much time making sure that everyone else is looked after, that your work is done, and the errands are run, one can simply forget to drink.

I know that this post doesn’t apply to every Mama, but for those of you who are like me (who possibly also have a bit too much hippie in them) and who seem to have forgotten to look after their own skin, and body, I can’t encourage you enough to make the time to change your habits. It’s purely a case of setting reminders, making the time, and you will feel all the difference in the world.

Image via Daily Glow