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THURSDAY’S THOUGHTS: Motherly Intuition

by Sarah on August 2nd, 2012

My little Lily was really sick over the last weekend. It was a bit of a weird one, with only her temperature flaring up, and no other symptoms. I spent a large portion of the weekend worrying. I’m not very good with medical knowledge and so wasn’t too sure why she’d be having just fevers and no sore throat, sore ears or cough. I even found myself searching the internet on my phone at two in the morning. Word of advice, it’s not a good idea – the answers I found only worried me more…

We were never at the point where we needed to rush her to the emergency ward, but I came really close to wanting to. When I took her to see her Doctor on Monday morning, she explained that illnesses like these are really common in little kids. She even mentioned that in the Homeopathic world, they believe that a bout of fevers can be linked to a child moving on to their next developmental stage, which I found really interesting.

When I asked the Doctor if it’s ok for me to call if Lily ever got sick on a weekend again, she just laughed and said, “Sarah, children only ever get sick on weekends. I’m more than used to it, and more than happy to help”. My lesson here was that it was own fears, my own stuff, that allowed me to worry the weekend away, not wanting to “put her out”. 

And when I mentioned how concerned I was about it being some strange and deadly disease that Lily had, her answer was that deep down I knew it wasn’t. She said, “Sarah, a mother always knows when her child is seriously ill. First of all, Lily wouldn’t have recovered in between fevers, she would have got progressively ill, but second of all, you would’ve just known if something was really wrong.”

And then it hit me. I was so in my head with worry that I wasn’t listening to my gut. I did know that it was nothing deadly, because if it was, I would’ve felt it in my gut, that physical feeling I’ve had before, and I would’ve known to take more drastic measures. I fell short because I was too focused on my fears, instead of listening to my intuition. 

Our Doctor went on to explain how even in the night, mothers just wake up when a child is seriously ill, because the two are so connected. It’s up to us to trust in that connection, and our motherly intuition. And that’s what I want to get across in today’s post. That it’s so easy for us moms to go into fear around our children. Because we love them, and we don’t want anything to happen to them. But actually, that fear stops us from being able to help them fully. And it creates unnecessary pain for ourselves, and them.

It was a good lesson for me to learn, and something I plan to focus on and practice: ignore the fear, quieten my mind by lying in my hammock, and listen to that all-knowing motherly intuition :)

  • Zoe

    Glad Lily is ok Sar! Give her a hug from me, and I hear you about mothers intuition I’ve experienced it first hand when Jake broke his leg and hubby was convinced it wasn’t I just knew! Love u madly x

  • Anonymous

    Thanks my Zo! And yes, I remember that well. Exactly it! You are an intuitive mama :)

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