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by Sarah on August 13th, 2012

I was taken to the most lovely Womens Day breakfast last week in aid of Woman and Child abuse. It was hosted by Elixir Skincare Products, and we all got to try their fabulous Organix product range by giving ourselves a mini facial. I was blown away with how wonderful my skin felt afterwards, and how natural and glowing everyone else seemed.

The Elixir Organix range uses no artificial fragrances or colouring, and all raw materials are vegetable-based. A couple of their products with collagen in them do include unnatural preservatives, so because I’m a bit of a natural products fanatic, I’d stay away from those few. But, for those not as fanatical as me, you can chat to Elixir about why they believe them to be necessary and not harmful.

The Organix products are available in two ranges: Balancing Range (Sandalwood & Lavender) for younger skin and Hydrating Range (Frankincense & Geranium) for those older than 30.

All in all, I can highly recommend the range. In fact, I have my eye on the little travel kit, for a three-week trip that I’ll be going on in October. To find out more about the Elixir Organix products, take a look here .

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