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NATURAL PRODUCT: Pure Beginnings Wet Wipes

by Sarah on August 27th, 2012

Generally when I ask friends who don’t use organic wet wipes why they don’t, their answer is always based on price. Up until recently most of the options have cost close to R60 or R70, and I can see why it’s difficult to make the change when you’re used to paying closer to R20 or R30. There is of course the cost of using unnatural substances on a child’s skin, and on the Earth, as well as the fact that they’re not biodegradable, but again, I understand that’s it’s hard to pay almost three times more than a normal brand for an eco option.

I was so pleased to see that Pure Beginnings  has recently started to offer a line of bamboo, organic wet wipes which are a lot more affordable. They’re about R40, and there are 64 in a pack instead of 50. Much more cost effective. And I’ve used them a couple of times now and am really happy with the quality. The bamboo has a wonderful soft feel, and the organic aloe and baobab does seem very soothing on her skin.

One Mom has mentioned to me that they’re quite soapy, meaning that they can lather quite a bit on the skin. Her child is a lot younger than Lily, in other words, he has a much smaller bum, and so I guess it would be more noticeable.  She felt that she needed to dry him after using the wipes. I didn’t ever notice them being too wet on Lily, so I’d definitely say that they are well worth a try and that way you can make up your own mind.

If you’re interested in buying some Pure Beginnings Bamboo Baby Wipes, take a look here.

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