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LOVING IT: The Stone Soup

by Sarah on August 15th, 2012

We’re trying our best to save at the moment (to go to a friend’s wedding in Australia) and one of the ways we’re cutting back is how much we spend on food. It means eating more simply, and buying fewer ingredients. Not that we’re particularly grand when it comes to food, but I am noticing what a big difference it makes if I focus on buying less. I’ve been struggling, though, to come up with new ideas for simple, cost-effective and delicious meals. Then my lovely cousin sent me the link to this blog: The Stone Soup.

It’s all about simple meals. Healthy meals. Delicious meals. The author, Jules Clancy, guides you in cooking using only a few ingredients. She guides you as to how to shop for only a few things and re-use them in lots of different ways. She also chats a lot about how to reduce your waistline and still enjoy your food at the same time. Are you Mamas hooked yet?

Jules has a degree food science, and has written a recipe book called “5 Ingredients, 10 Minutes” – every mom’s dream! She offers a free eCookbook when you sign up for her newsletters, and she’s even got a “start here” page on her blog, to help newbies navigate their way around the site. Love!

All in all, The Stone Soup is a wonderful source of info and inspiration. The recipes sound fabulous, and the photographs are beautiful. Any blog which helps to make my life easier, healthier and happier, is just what I need, and I hope you feel the same way too :)

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