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LOVING IT: Mindful Moms

by Sarah on August 1st, 2012

This poster caught my eye the other day on Facebook and has had more impact on me than pretty much any other quote or saying ever has. “Then one day, she decided to create the life of her dreams, while her child watched her every move”. Isn’t it just too beautiful?

And then this led me to the Mindful Moms Network, another beautiful find. It’s all about helping moms learn to mother in the moment. As they explain, this is about acceptance, letting go and trust. It’s about valuing ourselves and celebrating ourselves, so that we fully value our children. And it’s about mothering with purpose, living a life with purpose, and being guided by our hearts.

To understand in more detail what the essence of Mindful Moms is, take a look at their About page. They have a wonderful blog and a very inspiring facebook page, so there are lots of ways to stay connected to their guidance and advice. It’s the sort of network which would truly be able to support us moms in creating the life of our dreams :)

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