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by Sarah on July 17th, 2012

I have a lovely girl staying with us at the moment who has such a refreshing way of looking at food. It’s been really inspiring to see how she eats, how she enjoys her food, and how her main focus is on plants. Raw or cooked, she eats a lot of them, and she makes sure that she makes them interesting. What I’ve realised is how often I grab a piece of toast and nut butter as I’m running out the door, instead of taking the extra five minutes to prepare myself a plant-based meal. Like a fruit salad!

The idea behind this post is purely to encourage you to join me in trying to put that little bit of extra effort into eating more closely to nature. It means less bread, less quick fixes. It honestly took me about three minutes to prepare the bowl of fruit salad above and it was so ridiculously tasty, not to mention how much better for me it was than a piece of toast.

Some ideas of things to add to your fruit salad, besides a variety of fresh seasonal fruit: plain yoghurt, raw honey, raw nuts, seeds, rolled oats, dried fruit and cinnamon. Enjoy :)

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