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by Sarah on July 2nd, 2012

Toilet paper is also one of the last products for lots of people to change to an environmentally friendly option, but is another very important one. The main issues with ordinary paper is that its production is depleting our forests at a crazy rate, and that they’re bleached with harmful chemicals. These chemicals damage our environment once they’re flushed into sewerage systems, and they’re really harsh on our skin and sensitive bits too.

The picture above shows an example of an enviromentally-friendly option.  It’s called Essential Green Toilet Paper and it has been whitened with the environmental friendly, hydrogen peroxide and chlorine dioxide. The paper used is produced from forests which make sure that the trees are sustainably grown and harvested. These woods used have a CoC Certification, which also means that wildlife , plants , soil  are protected, and that social welfare plays an important role too.

Another option is to keep your eyes out for recycled toilet paper at your local grocery store. It’s usually a bit of a brown/grey colour which means it doesn’t have the harmful chemicals in it, and that lots of trees wouldn’t have been cut down to produce it either. Perhaps it’s even worth asking the store manager to start stocking some, if they don’t already. The more of us that request environmentally friendly products, the greater chance we have of getting them on the shelves :)

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