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by Sarah on June 25th, 2012

For some strange reason, it seems that toothpaste is often one of the last products to be replaced with a natural alternative. It was with our household, and very often I visit the homes of people who use natural and organic cleaning products and cosmetics, but notice a regular brand of toothpaste in their bathrooms.

I’m not quite sure what the reason is behind this. I guess most people are so used to lots of foam and an extremely strong minty taste, so that’s what we associate with our teeth and mouths being clean. The truth is that the only reason we have that experience with normal toothpaste is because it’s filled with chemicals like Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Sodium Laureth Sulphate, Flouride and artificial flavouring and sweeteners.

The two options that you can see in the pictures I’ve posted, are the two different natural brands that we’re using at the moment. Graeme and I use the Enchantrix (it has a slightly bitter taste along with the mint) and Lily uses the Earthsap. Yes, it did take a while to get used to the different tastes, texture and less foam, but my teeth are just as clean as always, and now I can’t imagine it any other way.

I think we all just have to remind ourselves what is most important. Do we keep going along with what we know because we don’t like the idea of accepting new things, new flavours, etc even if they are better for us and our planet? Or do we acknowledge that there are harmful ingredients in ordinary toothpastes which we’re absorbing into our mouths twice everyday, and choose to make a change?

If you’re interested in buying either of these products, you can get them here or here :)

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  • Karien Hurter

    Just this weekend I realised that all our toiletries are finally natural except our toothpaste. Our baby uses Pure Beginnings and it works well. But we’re still using colgate. I think one of the reasons people dont.use natural toothpaste is that it is so much more expensive than the others. I was going to buy earthsap for us next month. Is the a reason you use two different ones for you fanily?

  • Anonymous

    Hi Karien,

    Funny how so many of us are the same! It is a bit more expensive, yes, but slowly adding the new natural products to your shopping list month by month somehow seems to soften the blow and make the change easier? Well, that’s what worked for me :)
    And the only reason we have two different toothpastes is because I’ve been testing out different brands. I also really liked Pure Beginnings but I think that was more expensive. Perhaps you should give Earthsap Teatree and Mint a try xxx
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  • Karien Hurter

    We’ve been doing the same so we’re ready now for the leap to more expensive tooth paste ;)
    Thanks for the advice.

  • Anonymous

    Let me know what you think of it xxx

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