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by Sarah on June 4th, 2012

Today I wanted to show you some more of the gorgeous eco toys that Lily was given for her birthday. They were all ordered from Faithful to Nature’s range which I’ve spoken about before. Again, they’re made from sustainable materials, any dyes or paints used on them are non-toxic and the business re-uses their waste on every level to ensure that it’s a following a fully eco-conscious model.

A drum for making music, or actually… noise. Need I say more?

Lily loves anything vaguely related to a puzzle, so these Soundblocks keep her very happy while she sits and positions and re-positions them in the outer casing. They’re great because they also can be used to teach the colours of the rainbow, and each makes a different sound too.

At two, Lily is enjoying imaginary games more and more. Together her and I bake up a real storm with her gorgeous Baking Set.

Faithful to Nature have a huge amount more of these eco toys on offer, take a look here.