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NATURAL LIVING: A Little Harvest

by Sarah on March 2nd, 2012

Loving everything that our garden grows for us! Like these bits and pieces that we picked from our veggie patch.

And the pretty flowers that Lily and I picked for her room.

And then there’s my herb garden. It’s about four steps from my kitchen, so there’s no excuse not to use the herbs everyday ;)

I think what’s so special about gardens is that they give families the opportunity to work outdoors together on a common project. There’s something solidifying about that. Grounding. And a garden is a great teacher for children (and adults too). We get to learn that if you put lots of love and effort into something, the rewards are plentiful :)

Have a wonderful weekend, Natural Mamas, hope you spend at least some of it in your garden.

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  • Celeste

    OOOhhh WOW, your goodies look amazing.  I wish I had such green fingers.  Gardening has never been successful with us.  Have tried the herbs in pots and veg to no avail.  Enjoy eating that beautiful fresh veg! I’m making a Veg Pasta tonight but the veg I am using doens’t look in the least as appealing as yours you have there.

  • Anonymous

    I must say, these homegrown veggies do taste completely different to the shop-bought ones. So much tastier. A little secret between you and me ;) is that my husband is a flower farmer, and so truthfully, he’s the one with the green fingers. I’m just watching and learning from him! Have a lovely day, Celeste.