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by Sarah on February 9th, 2012

Another Natural Mama wrote to me the other day, and in her email she mentioned something about me seeming to have it all “together”. I thought it was funny that she’d said that because I’ve been thinking this week about other moms who always seem to have it more “together” than me.

I guess it’s just human nature to see the flaws in ourselves, and to imagine everyone else living these perfect, sparkly lives. I do it all the time. For instance, I’m always the last mom to rush into Lily’s swimming class, carrying her like a rugby ball under my arm, while all the other moms lounge at the side of the pool, chatting and smiling calmly. Their kids are all splashing away happily in the water, whilst mine still refuses to trust the teacher enough to go in with her.

Every other mom I know, always has beautiful hair – clean, smooth, shiny. I wish I was the perfect advert for natural products, but the truth is, I’m just not. In fact, at swimming this week one of the moms said, “Wow, Sarah, your hair smells so good”. (Reason I was late this time is that I’d jumped into the shower about the time I should’ve been arriving). When she asked what I used, and I told her it was natural, she said, “Oh, and does it work?”. I could see her eyeing out the many knots, and one massive dreadlock right in the middle of my hair. “Yes, it does work,” I said, “Especially when I brush it”. Yip, not only do I rush in late everywhere,  carrying my child like a rugby ball, my hair is also always a mess.

And pretty much every yoga class,  somewhere in the middle of a triangle pose, I’ll look at everyone else in their bright-coloured, perfectly matching outfits, and then look down at my faded, hole-ridden legging knee and there will sit a massive smear of doggy drool. And when I stretch my leg to the side in another pose, my foot half in someone else’s face, I want to cringe because the soles of my feet are black (not brown), whilst the foot in my face is all soft, and pink, with a perfect pedi to match.

And horror of horrors, every now and then, when all the the cloth nappies are dirty, and I realise that I’ve just used my last biodegradable disposable and totally forgot to place my order for more four days ago, I rush off to Spar and while no one is looking, I’ll sneak a packet (just a small one) of ordinary disposables into my trolley. Yes, I’m filled with guilt as I type it, but sometimes, this Natural Mama has resorted to using Huggies!

I’ve also shouted at Lily, hit my dog and raised my middle finger at some poor Granny who hooted at me when I was just having “one of those days”.

What I’m trying to get at here, is that while I write about my aspirations of non-judgement, having discipline and everyone working together, and while I tell you about the bits of green stuff that I do, or the organic products that I use, I in no shape or form have it all “together”. Nor does any other mother on the planet.

While I will spend the rest of my days working towards achieving some sort of balance, I’ve finally, finally, accepted the fact that I just am who I am. I’ll always be a little disheveled, I’ll most probably be ten minutes late, and every now and then, I’ll buy some product that I’m convinced I’m going to hell for using. But I guess that’s what makes me real, and that’s what makes me a Natural Mama. Because it’s pretty obvious that Nature cares nothing about having it all “together”.

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  • Robyn

    So well written, thanks inspirational natural Mama :)

  • Tanya

    hahahahaha! so relate. thanks for the reminder