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by Sarah on September 21st, 2011

A very special friend and I were chatting about baby showers a little while ago, and how neither of us are too fond of the typical way they are done. Not that we have a problem with going to them, it’s just that it’s not how we’d choose to have our own.

For both of us, it’s not about tons of presents for the baby, games, tea and cake. It’s about the women who love and support you spending time with you, showering you with love and blessings for your upcoming birth and journey as a parent. It’s about connecting with the millions of women who have walked this road before you.

This “alternative” style of baby shower, is also known as a “Blessing Way” – the term has been borrowed from the Najavo culture.  Here are some examples of things to do at a Blessing Way, taken from an article written by Robin Elise Weiss.

  • Prayer Flags: Inspired by Tibetan prayer flags, these are strips of cloth that are cut about 3″ X 18″ (or any other size you choose). They are handed to each guest to write a birth blessing or positive message on it. When the guests are done, the mother is given the flags to read and take with her to her place of birth. Messages can be anything. Some examples include: “You are a strong woman.” “You can do all things through God.” “Your baby will be born at the right time.”
  • Necklace: You can orchestrate the making of a necklace, or other piece of jewellery, for the mother to wear in labour to remind her of everyone thinking of her. You can either ask everyone to bring a bead or have them make a bead from clay, like Fimo clay. You don’t have to be artistic to do this. If you choose, you can have each guest talk about what their bead symbolizes.
  • Belly Casting: This is a great way to celebrate her pregnancy, by making a mold of her pregnant belly. These are fairly simple to do and create a great keepsake of her pregnancy. Pamper mom while you do the cast for an added treat.
  • Candle Lighting: Have each guest bring a candle. Set them up on a single table or all around the room. You can have each guest light their candle and say a blessing for the mother-to-be or something positive to help her confidence. Another way to do this is to actually send each guest home with a small candle. When the mother goes into labour, a phone tree is started and all the candle holders are notified to light their candles and think good thoughts as the woman labours.

Now I know that for many spiritual women it’s not always possible to rope your friends into doing more alternative things. Most of mine would’ve looked at me as if I’m half-baked (for this reason, I rather opted for the craft route, where I asked everyone to hand make gifts for Lily whilst we had cake and tea).

What I suggest, if you’re in a situation like me, is to find the friends in your life who do support your spiritual beliefs and ask for a mini little Blessing Way. Here’s a great post that you can read as an example. I know that I’ll be doing something like this whenever I have Number Two.

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