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THURSDAY’S THOUGHTS: Natural is More Difficult

by Sarah on August 4th, 2011

Something that I keep thinking about lately is how much more effort a conscious, nature-based life requires. It’s so much easier to not make changes, to ignore the hard facts of our human impact on others and the Earth, to do the most convenient thing.

Here are some examples of what I’m talking about:

  • Re-uasble nappies take longer to put on, require a liner, need the pooh scraped off them, need to be stored in a bucket, then washed, dried and folded.
  • Disposables? You put them on, then throw them in the bin.
  • Cooking or defrosting food on the stove dirties a pot/pan and then the dish you serve it in, plus it takes much longer to heat through.
  • With microwaves, you just stick the one dish in for thirty seconds and voila! the food is ready to be served.
  • Buying natural and organic products is more difficult because you need to try and test until you find the ones that work the best for you. They’re also not as easily available. You often need to make an extra trip just to buy the specific item you’re wanting.
  • Ordinary products can be bought at every grocery store, hypermarket and petrol station under the sun. Convenience shopping at its best.
  • Growing your own food takes months of preparation and work before you are able to eat the rewards.
  • Store-bought food is available 24/7, whatever you want, whenever you want. Just pick, pay and pack.
  • Using fabric shoppers means you have to remember to keep them in your bag or car, and return them to this place once they’ve been used.
  • Plastic bags are ready and waiting at the check-out counters.
  • Recycling your waste means you have to have more bins, separate everything as you use it and wash your glass, plastics, etc before throwing them away.
  • Not recycling means you just throw. One coloured bag, one bin.

This list can go on and on. The bottom line is that as soon as you start to be conscious, as soon as you start wanting to make positive changes for yourself, others and the Earth, it means that you’re in for a tougher ride. You really, really need to be dedicated to making a difference, because suddenly life requires just that much more energy.

What’s interesting about this, is that I believe that’s the way life ought to be. Life takes energy and effort, it always has. To me, convenience is making humans lazy, and ungrateful. We want everything to happen at the click of the fingers, without much planning, without much work. We want everything to sparkle and shine, unnaturally. We want any type of food, whenever we feel like it. Want, want, want.

Sometimes I have moments when I envy people who can use disposable nappies, microwaves, and Revlon products without blinking an eye. Because, yes, their lives are easier. They have more time to do other things. But the truth is, deep down, I’m relieved that I’m aware of my impact. I know that my actions affect others around me, because we’re all connected, we’re all one. Perhaps I have less time, and my house and hair don’t sparkle quite like others’ do, but in my heart I know that I’m doing my little bit for humanity, for the environment.

I’ve found that place inside of me, a place that’s inside all of us, that cares. And if you’re reading this, I really hope that you have too.

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  • giselle

    great post!

  • Andrea

    Oh, i have started recycling but never knew i had to clean the bottles – OOPS! 

  • Anonymous

    Well done on starting! You’ve my made my heart smile xxx

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