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by Sarah on August 22nd, 2011

For new Mamas and Mamas-to-be, I cannot recommend this type of sling/wrap enough. I pretty much wore Lily in one of these all day everyday, for her first 5 months of being. After this, I continued to carry her in it every time I walked my dogs or went shopping, etc.

They’re just so comfy for both you and your baby, and they’re so snuggled up to you, I don’t think a happier place could exist for them (besides your womb, of course!).

Once they’re a bit older, you can turn them to face outwards, which means that it’s a multi-functional product. I love!

Anyone interested in buying one, take a look at Ubba Bubba.

From → Mama Products

  • Tanya

    Absolutely love my Ubba Bubba! So much more practical than the side sling types

  • Louise Nordier

    please send me instructions on how to tie it?