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by Sarah on August 29th, 2011

For those of you living in the southern hemisphere, it’s nearly that time of year when the sun starts to shine just that bit brighter, and so it’s more important than ever to cover yourselves, your kids and your hubbies in sunscreen. (I even have to remember my labrador’s pink nose!). With the skin being the body’s largest organ, it really doesn’t make sense to protect it from the sun’s harmful rays using products that are loaded with harmful chemicals. That’s why this summer I recommend that you use Badger Balm sunscreens.

Some info about the Badger products:

  • “Badger sunscreens have earned the best ratings for safety and efficacy by the Environmental Working Group (EWG ) - most recently the EWG recommended Badger sunscreens over 1,400 commonly available sunscreens.
  • Badger sun blocks provide broad spectrum protection  and protect you from UVA and UVB rays (UVA protection tested as ‘Superior 4 stars/PA+++’).
  • Certified Natural by the Natural Products Association. Most of our sunscreens contain more than 80% Certified Organic ingredients.
  • All sunscreens now internationally compliant in Canada, Japan, EU, Australia & New Zealand. The US FDA sunscreen regulations are more lax than these other countries. Badger sunscreens meet or surpass the more stringent international protection and safety regulations.
  • The Badger Face Stick is now water resistant for at least 80 minutes of activity in the water or sweating. All Badger sunscreens start working on application (no waiting) and stay on skin when you sweat (won’t run and drip into your eyes) or play in the water (water resistant for at least 40 minutes). Badger sunscreen allows your skin to breathe.
  • The Badger formula is creamy, moisturising, high in antioxidants and pleasant to use with its base ingredients of USDA Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter.  Contains no petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, preservatives, chemical emulsifiers and dyes. They’re either fragrance-free or the mild natural fragrance is derived from pure essential oils.”

I’ll be ordering my Badger Balm from Faithful-to-Nature this week, and promise to keep you posted on how it works for us!

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