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BLOG LOVE: Passionate Homemaking

by Sarah on June 1st, 2011

One of the links in my Natural Cold Remedies post was to a blog called Passionate Homemaking – loving simple, natural and intentional living. If you haven’t already visited it, I really think you should. From the minute I landed on Lindsay’s blog, I could see that she’s a total Natural Mama, understanding the value of natural birthing, gentle discipline, making handmade things and caring for others.

Lindsay is a mother of two (and-a-half) kids and through all her learnings has written a wealth of super helpful, informative and inspiring posts like:

The Value of a Doula

Embracing the Pain & Letting Go of Fear in Childbirth

The Joys of Homebirthing

Encouragement for Weary Mothers

How to Make a Flannel Swaddling Blanket

I love coming across blogs of like-minded people. Although Lindsay is a devout Christian, and I view myself as being spiritual and not tied to any one religion, our ideals and values are completely on the same page. If you feel that yours are too, Passionate Homemaking is definitely a blog that you should visit!

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  • Lizanne Pitt

    This is my ultimate favourite blog! I love her ideas

  • Anonymous

    They’re great, aren’t they? Always so good to read other blogs who are on
    the same page :)