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BLOG LOVE: The Attached Parent

by Sarah on May 25th, 2011

For anyone interested in knowing more about attachment parenting, this is such a great blog.

It explains clearly what this style of parenting is all about and gives loads of advice on how to deal with different parenting decisions, in a gentle, loving, “attached” way.

This first year of Lily’s life has been filled with decisions mostly about sleeping and feeding, which at the time, seemed like bigs ones to make. But as she grows and more of her personality unfolds, I can see how the decisions become bigger and more difficult to make.  It’s blogs like The Attached Parent that I’m glad to have around, just to help make life a little easier, to know that I’m not alone and to learn from other parents who are way more experienced than me. I really hope that you’ll find some value in it too!

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