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WEBSITE LOVE: Conscious Birth

by Sarah on April 20th, 2011

When I was in Johannesburg, I found a flyer for a business known as Conscious Birth. I noticed right away that it had a website.

The business is run by a woman, Theoni, whose passion is pregnancy and birthing. She helps women with things like preparing for your journey into motherhood, gaining trust in the power of your body, nurturing yourself and the new life growing within you, and receiving emotional and spiritual support throughout your pregnancy and birth. To me, these aspects are all so important to focus on throughout your pregnancy. These days they are too often forgotten, because birth is usually only looked at as a medical procedure.

If you’re interested in knowing more, through the site you can buy CD’s and manuals for conscious pregnancy and birth. Theoni also speaks of some wonderful DVD’s about birthing, and then she offers pregnancy yoga classes in Johannesburg too.

It’s really special to see centres like this opening in South Africa, providing women with the resources and support that they need to have a beautiful (and conscious) pregnancy and birthing experience.

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