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WEBSITE LOVE: Simplicity Parenting

by Sarah on March 23rd, 2011

The lovely Anne of Spotless sent me the link to such an awesome parenting site, one that sees itself as a centre for social sustainability. It’s called Simplicity Parenting and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a huge help to me the more and more Lily grows.

It’s run by Kim John Payne and “offers a simple, orderly, and effective pathway to simplify four realms at home, which reduces stress on children and their parents, and allows room for connection, creativity, and relaxation”. The four realms are:

Environment: De-cluttering too much stuff at home.

Rhythm: Increasing predictability by introducing rhythmic moments for connection and calm.

Scheduling: Soothing violent schedules brings moments for Being into all the Doing.

Unplugging: Reducing the influence of adult concerns, media and consumerism on children and families to increase resilience, social and emotional intelligence.

I’m sure you can see from these realms that Simplicity Parenting is a place of insightful information. There are so many beautiful posts, like this one called Becoming Like Little Children. And they’ve got loads of really informative categories like, Nourishing Food, Simple Discipline and Simple Rituals.

Please do go take a look. I really believe that websites like this can only benefit us parents, and benefit society as a whole :)

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  • Anne

    So glad you’re enjoying the site! :)