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by Sarah on March 17th, 2011

Graeme and I both grew up eating meat. Vegetarians were kind of weird. But slowly, the further down the “natural” path I went, the more I started to realise why people choose not to eat it. We  eventually decided to stop eating meat a few years ago. But when I fell pregnant with Lily, and really craved it, we quickly fell back into meat being a common part of our diets.

(image via Eco Friendly Daily)

Slowly, slowly the thoughts of vegetarianism began to waft through my mind again. Graeme’s too. A few of our friends gave up meat recently, and then last week, through a conversation with one of them, we decided it was time for us to join them. For good. Or at least until there is no more meat industry, as we know it today.

You see, by eating meat, by paying money for it, by putting it into my body, I realised that I was saying I was okay with the meat industry. I was supporting these animals being badly treated, gruesomely slaughtered and in most cases, being injected with foreign substances – which are not good for them or the people eating them.  And we all know that the fishing industry is depleting the sea’s stock at a stupid rate. By eating fish, prawns, and calamari, I was saying that I was okay with that too.

I believe that when enough people say “no”, the industries will be forced to do something to change. They’ll have no other option. And my little family will have played a role in making this happen.

Lots of people believe that it is inhumane to eat any meat whatsoever;  that true compassion is in not harming any other living creatures. I’m still not sure exactly where I stand on this. Primates have been eating meat for so long that it has become a huge part of who we are today.

So, I’m not sure whether eating other creatures is morally right or wrong. But for now, what I do know, is that I’m choosing to be a vegetarian because I don’t want to support an industry which supplies meat to supermarkets and butchers in the thoughtless way it does today.

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