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NEW BOOK LOVE: Spirit in Pregnancy and Birth

by Sarah on March 30th, 2011

A met up with a very special long-lost friend (and a new Natural Mama!) who told me about the most incredible book. Although I haven’t read it myself, I had a quick page through it, and just knew it was something that must be shared with you all – particularly those of you who are Spiritual Mamas!

As the name suggests, it’s all about “Spirit in Pregnancy and Birth – Practical and spiritual care, ceremonies and celebrations”. The author, Colette van Heerden, talks about things like how to create a positive, supportive environment for your baby, how to understand their development from a spiritual perspective, which crystals to help them deal with their new environment and which angels to call on during labour.

As the author says, “This book was written for all the incoming souls who are still to join us, assisting Humanity in bringing Heaven onto Earth; and for all the parents who are open to increasing their own awareness and consciousness. ”

There are so many books out there about pregnancy and raising children, most with a practical, logical, medical, emotional or psychological slant. This book, though, is focused on the “intangible aspects and attributes to this most powerful and life changing ability – that of being able to bring forth Life and participate in the life journey of that new life that is your response-ability”.

If you’d like to order your own copy of Spirit in Pregnancy and Birth, please see here. I’m definitely getting one for myself, and so can promise that you’ll be hearing more about it from me soon.