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NATURAL FRIDAYS: Ayurvedic Recipes

by Sarah on February 18th, 2011

So, we’ve gone through the basics of what Ayurvedic medicine is about, what it means for your digestive system to be in and out of balance, what to eat during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and now it’s time for some recipes. Instead of me giving you just a couple that have stood out to me, I thought it’d be better to share some Ayurvedic sites with you. That way you can choose the recipes which appeal to you the most.

Ideally, you need to work out which Dosha you are – in other words, how your particular digestive system works, and what food would be best to get it to function optimally. Here’s a fun quiz for you to do to find your dosha.

Next, you can look at a site, like Joyful Belly, for suggestions of recipes for your dosha. Otherwise, they give recipes by Guna (hot, cold, light, heavy, etc) or by Taste. Take a look here.

Ayurvedicure also gives some great recipes which either balance, stimulate or pacify your dosha. See  here. And then it’s also worth visiting Ayurfoods, and for some delicious tea recipes, Yoga Holidays.

I took the quiz, and it turns out that my Dosha is Kapha. It means that I need to eat more spicy, light, warm foods to get my system going. Take the quiz for yourself, and see what you need to eat get yourself more in balance. It can only do you good!

(Thank you to MS Connections and Nirmal Yoga for their images via Flickr)