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TASTY TUESDAY: Sit Right Chairs

by Kerryn on January 11th, 2011

Welcome to Tasty Tuesday! We’ve decided to make a regular feature of yummy recipes for purees, finger foods and kid friendly meals for your family. Before I launch in to recipes though, I thought that I’d do a quick review of my highchair.

I was looking at buying one of these Sit Right chairs when my sister-in-law offered us one of theirs. I just love it. You can take off the tray and adjust the seat and footrest as your child grows. This allows them to sit at the right height for the table or (a long way down the line) a desk for homework. It also has a lovely big tray with a high lip on the front and looks good with the rest of our dining room furniture. Most importantly we can pull it right up to the table and Georgie feels included when we’re eating, which is great.

We have been away from home since the 16th December and haven’t had a high chair with us. So I’ve been sitting Georgie on the floor to feed her. The floor really isn’t great for finger foods though. It’s so great to have a highchair again to let G explore some new food, which I’ll share with you from next week.