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Crawling – a lesson in letting go

by Kerryn on January 20th, 2011

Almost 2 months ago I wrote a post about the fact that Georgie hated tummy time. I was worried that she wasn’t going to crawl or that she’d crawl very late. It was stressing me out because it seems as though crawling has a huge impact on children’s cognitive abilities (concentrating in class etc.). She is now a little over 9 months and still isn’t showing any interest in crawling and still hates tummy time. Scott and I have been putting in a lot of effort in helping her to crawl. We have “taught” her how to move from sitting to resting her weight on her hands and then how to move further forward so that she would move onto all fours. Although at this point she faceplants into the floor and does her classic skydiver pose with arms and legs lifted out and above her body.

The big thing that has changed for me during this time is that I have let go of my urgent need for her to crawl. If she does crawl that will be great, but if she skips this step and moves on to walking there is nothing much I can do about it. So it no longer stresses me out. I can now encourage her to spend time on her tummy when it’s appropriate or we can focus on walking if that is what she is in the mood to do. I find that we are having a lot more fun than when I was constantly pushing her towards crawling.

Now you might think that it is obvious to let your baby do things in their own time and not to get too worked up about when it all happens, but it is something that has taken me some time to fully accept. People constantly tell you that babies develop at their own pace. I had always thought that I had had taken this to heart, but discovered that I hadn’t when G was “falling behind” in this developmental milestone. So the fact that she isn’t crawling has taught me to let go (a little anyway). I need to trust that she will do things when she is ready, whilst giving her the opportunities to develop the skills she needs without pushing her.

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  • Juliemir78

    My brother crawled at 1, and by the time he was 8 yrs old he had decided that he was going to study and Oxford in the UK, which is a goal he achieved because he was such a passionate, excellent and dedicated school student. And he was born on the same day as G!

  • Gauri

    Phew!… and breathe. I feel like letting out a sigh a relief with you – especially ‘cos I am the same, thinking I am super laid back and accepting and then wham, the Universe shows me another area in which I secretely want to be in control. You know that saying ‘if you want to give God a laugh’ tell him your plans. Oh yeah!

    Anyway, I have tagged you guys for a blogging ‘award’ here: I hope you will play along. It will be fun to learn more about you and find out what blogs you rate.


  • Kerryn

    Thanks for your comments guys! Funnily enough Georgie has started to show signs of moving this weekend. She is also much happier on her tummy :) I think perhaps she has more to teach me than I have to teach her.

  • Pathwaysawareness

    It’s great that you are no longer stressed out! Crawling is an important milestone that generally happens around 9 months in one form or another. As long as you encourage your LO to spend time on her tummy, she will continue to strengthen her core muscles on the way to meeting her milestones. You can just have fun with her by putting her over your legs or a pillow with books or toys in front of her to reach for. So she’ll want to explore and eventually crawl, make her environment visually stimulating. Speaking of milestones, Pathways Awareness has an AAP-endorsed growth and development chart you can consult when you have questions along the way: Should you be concerned about her development, you can use it as a check off and bring it with to discuss at a visit with your healthcare professional.