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Why Organic Sunscreen?

by Sarah on December 6th, 2010

I’ve just placed an order for Lily’s beach gear for this summer: a Mother Nature swimming nappy and some Sunumbra Organic sunscreen. Once I’ve tried and tested the products, I’ll be sure to let you know how they work, but what I thought I would share with you in the meantime, is the importance of using organic sunscreen.

Below are 10 Reasons Why, all from the Faithful-to-Nature blog:

1. Chemical sunscreen contains nasty ingredients

2. Organic sunscreen does not contain toxic cosmetic ingredients

3. Natural and organic preservatives are not dangerous

4. Organic sunscreen does not contain mineral oils

5. Organic sunscreen does not contain colourants

6. No added fragrance is added to organic sunscreen

7. Water resistance created by synthetic sunscreens can be detrimental

8. Anti-oxidant activities of organic plant extracts are good for you.

9. No fillers are required in organic sunscreen

10. Organic sunscreen helps to reverse sun damage.

Although organic does seem to be more expensive, when you read (in detail) all the bad things that are found in ordinary sunscreen, it just doesn’t make sense to be rubbing it all over our baby’s (or our own) body. I’d rather pay a little more, and know that I’m not smearing Lily with horrible substances. Whether the cream is effective or not will be put to the test – on me first! I’ll keep you posted.

  • stelensmith

    Organic products are free from chemical ingradients and does not give any harmful effects…….

  • Alina Smith

    The real key advantage of organic sunscreen as an alternative to other sunscreens is that there are no considerable amounts of chemicals in it.Organic sunscreen helps us to save our skin from harmful UV rays of sun