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Booger retrieval device

by Kerryn on December 17th, 2010

Georgie is a snot machine! On day 2 of her life she had an incredibly blocked nose and has been getting them on and off since then. I’m sure that her dairy allergy doesn’t help matters. I have a couple of fancy looking nasal aspirators (a.k.a snot suckers), bit I don’t find that they are particularly effective on “sticky” snot, even after using some saline spray.

Kalubi, our nanny, taught me a trick with a safety pin for particularly stubborn boogers. Clean a small safety pin, the kind you would use to pin a ribbon to your top. Take the bottom end (not the bulky top bit where the point goes in) and gently put it in your baby’s nostril and fish the boogers out. They stick amazingly well to the little loop on the bottom of a safety pin and will help to clear your baby’s nose.

Obviously you need to take care that you don’t aggravate your baby’s nostrils. I find that it is best to do this when Georgie is relaxed and focused intently on a toy while lying on her back. Don’t try this if your baby is wriggling!

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