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Yes, Teething worsens Reflux!

by Sarah on November 26th, 2010

I wrote about Lily’s sleeping being all over the show, and now she’s waking up with cries at night. She’s also niggly during the day, and it’s breaking my heart. I’ve been analysing over and over what I’ve eaten that could be upsetting her, and what she’s eaten that could be upsetting her, but am not coming up with anything. Then, my sister suggested that it could be connected to teething. I’ve been searching and searching online, and EVERYONE seems to be saying the same thing:


Apparently it relates to the fact that they drool more during teething, and so swallow more saliva, which upsets their tummies. I can hear Lily swallowing often. Even though she has still cut no teeth, she had a horrible spotty bum rash last week (which looks just like the teething rashes I’ve seen on other babies) and whenever I rub the Chamomilla on her gums she settles down a lot. I’ve also resorted to giving her pain medication every now and then (which I hoped I’d never have to do),  but it definitely is soothing her. I’ve been reading about White Willow Bark which is a natural pain killer. If Lily is going to continue being sore and uncomfortable, I’ll feel better about repeatedly giving her natural medicine, instead of the allopathic version.

I’m really hoping that a tooth is going to pop out soon so that we’ll have the answer to our perpetual question of, “What is making her reflux worsen?”. She’s six months now, and I just wish it would be gone!