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The No-Cry Update

by Sarah on November 12th, 2010

Oh my word, I think this sleep training method is AMAZING! By the end of Day 1, I had jumped to Phase 4 (patting) and by Day 2 I could help Lily go to sleep with just my hand on her, saying “Sshh, sshh, sshh”. No more rocking! And it was all achieved gently, without any crying.

The next stage is for me to not assist her at all, but I’m noticing that there’s a little problem with this. Because she’s five-and-a-half months and is obsessed with things going into and out of her mouth, she loves to take her dummy out, but hasn’t quite figured out how to put it back in every time.

So, now what I’m thinking is that I’ll give her a little break from the “training”, keep helping her go to sleep with my hand holding her arms down gently, and then soon I will start Elizabeth Pantley’s Removal Plan – which is to teach her to go to sleep without the sucking association.

I seriously cannot recommend this book highly enough. I thought it would require a lot of patience, and for me, it has required none at all. It all went really easily and smoothly. I urge you to give it a try :)

  • Kerry

    Apparently if you tie the dummy to a piece of material which is tied to the cot, they babies can find it themselves. They learn what’s at the end of the material is what they are looking for.

  • Sarah

    Thanks Kerry, my sister also told me that, so I’ve given it a try. Let’s see how it goes :)

  • Stacey

    During the day and in the light you can also stop putting the dummy in her mouth for her -rather put it in her hand and teach her to put it in her own mouth. Once she learn you can also put a few dummies in her cot at night, which increases the chance of her finding one on her own. I still put 2 or 3 dummies in Jemima’s cot at night :)

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Stace! Good idea :)