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Ten Reasons Why Breast is Best

by Sarah on November 24th, 2010

I know that every now and then it is really difficult for a woman to breastfeed, having problems with milk quantity, pain during feeding, etc, but for the most part, breastfeeding is something that can be enjoyed by moms and babies for a good many months of the baby’s life.

Here is why:

  1. Breastmilk is filled with important antibodies for newborns.
  2. There are exclusive nutrients in breastmilk which protect babies from childhood diseases.
  3. Breastfed babies have a decreased likelihood for allergies and dental problems.
  4. They also have better jaw, teeth and speech development, as well as overall facial development.
  5. Breastmilk has a slightly different flavour each feed, depending on what the mom has eaten that day. This is a great help in introducing babies to different tastes before starting solids.
  6. It doesn’t cost a cent to produce breastmilk.
  7. It’s far quicker and easier to breastfeed a baby, not having to mix powder and water, waiting for it to heat, and then cool, etc.
  8. Breastfeeding is better for the environment, reducing  the resources needed to make, package and distribute formula.
  9. To me, you just can’t beat the feeling of a little munchkin snuggling into you, their cheek on your breast, hearing their breath and gentle suckling noises, and feeling their small fingers press against your skin. The emotional benefits of this contact are HUGE for both mom and baby.
  10. Lastly, breastmilk is filled with LIFE FORCE. It is a living substance, being transfered from one living being to another. I don’t think anything counts for more than this.

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