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Encouraging your Baby to Crawl

by Sarah on November 8th, 2010

Lily’s just over five months and so I thought maybe it’s time to start encouraging her to crawl. I know that we still have a good few months until she is able to (and that some babies just never get the hang of it), but I like the idea of having little activities to do with her everyday to keep her busy, and to make her stronger. As a first-time mom though, I had no idea what to do to help Lily to crawl, besides the usual tummy-time of course, so I looked for some  ideas online.

The most popular idea seems to be using a roller. You can create your own (eg. roll up a towel) and place it under your baby’s upper body when she’s lying on her tummy. Make sure that she can lean on her elbows, and then you should get down right onto her level while she’s lying like that to chat to and encourage her.

She will spontaneously learn how to lift herself up using her arms and legs more easily from this position, so the more time she is able to spend on the roller the better. Once she is able to lift herself onto her hands and knees, placing one her favourite toys in front of her, but out of reach, seems to be a clever way of encouraging her to make small forward movements.

We tried it for the first time today, and I can see how having her upper body raised is a great help. From this position it’s easier for her to do a little push-up, and it’s easier for her to tuck her little legs up. On that note, one thing that I have noticed is that it’s much easier for Lily to tuck her legs up when she’s not wearing a nappy. The cloth nappies we use are slightly bulky, and seem to get in the way just a little. I’ve started taking it off when we have “activity time” and can definitely seem an improvement in her range of movement, plus in her stability when sitting.

PS. My camera is on the blink, so I can’t attach an image of Lily assuming the position! Soon though, I promise.