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Embracing change

by Kerryn on November 30th, 2010

I read a really great article today in Yoga Journal dealing with change. It really struck a chord with me as I realised that I’ve been resisting a number of changes in my life. As I’ve been mulling this over I started to think about whether I’m resisting any changes since giving birth to Georgina. My initial reaction was a resounding “NO” as I couldn’t be happier with having her in my life. However as I’ve sat with the idea today a few things have popped up.

In the past few months I have often yearned for the days of sleeping in on a Saturday or Sunday morning and I fantasise about how great it will be when G is old enough to get up and play on her own in the morning. What I hadn’t considered though is how much I enjoy the time we all spend together on a weekend morning. I’ll feed Georgie in bed while Scott makes us coffee. We then spend a happy hour or so in bed playing with G and trying to make her laugh. I’m sure that when she is old enough to play on her own I will relish the extra sleep, but will also miss these early morning play sessions.

Another thing that I often wish is that I had more time to myself. There are obvious tweaks that I can make to allow me a bit more free time, but on the whole this is not something that is going to change dramatically until Georgie leaves home. So I think that this is something I need to sit with and accept instead of resisting. Then I need to keep striving for a balance between time for my family and time for myself.

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  • Sarah

    It’s always so good to know that other moms are experiencing similar emotions. At times I can feel guilty about having these emotions, but an honest post like this helps me remember that I’m just another mom :)

  • Justine

    When leaving the hospital with your new precious little bundle we seem to pick up a bag of guilt. I think it is perfectly normal to have all these feelings, every mom has them at some or other time.
    Having a child is a miracle and truly wonderful but it changes our lives in a HUGE way and it is very tiring – mentally, emotionally and physically. As mom’s we need to stop dipping into this bag of guilt and just do our best. Its ok to be tired and to want to have a break from our kids. Its normal……