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Biting during feeding!

by Kerryn on November 9th, 2010

Georgie has got her first two teeth, which are so cute. I was ridiculously proud when the first one came through. I felt like it was my own big achievement.

I’ve since discovered that new, razor sharp teeth aren’t so cute when you’re boob is on the receiving end of the biting. I received a few tentative nips during feeds, which I thought were mistakes by Georgie. Those were soon followed by full-on, hard bites towards the end of every feed. Really hard!

I (quickly) found a solution to stopping your baby biting in my copy of The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding:

1. Be aware when a feed is coming to an end. I used to read a book during feeds and so would get a little distracted.

2. Place a finger on your boob close to your baby’s mouth while feeding.

3. As soon as you feel those little teeth clamp down slide your finger into your baby’s mouth to break the seal and remove your nipple safely.

4. Say “NO BITING!” to your baby.  Be careful not to be too aggressive if you have a sensitive baby.  The first time I said it quite sternly and Georgie burst into tears.

5. Stop the feed right then. If necessary place your baby on the floor so that she gets an even clearer message that if she bites the feed is finished.

This technique worked really well for me and Georgie stopped biting after about 5 feeds.  She hasn’t bitten me since. Sarah got another useful tip from her local La Leche League meeting.  If your baby bites smother her nose with your boob so she is forced to open her mouth to take a breath. My boobs aren’t big enough to easily cover Georgie’s nose, but it sounds like a good option if yours are.

***Just an aside – this was the first time I have really had to discipline Georgie and it broke my heart when she gave me her “sad eyes” after I had placed her on the floor after ending a feed. You might need to steel yourself a bit.

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