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NATURAL PRODUCTS: All-in-One Mother Nature Nappy

by Sarah on October 18th, 2010

A little while back I mentioned that I ‘d received samples of nappies, and I briefly mentioned the all-in-one, blowing it off as bulky. I hadn’t even tried it on Lily, and based this judgement on another brand of all-in-ones. I take back what I said. When I put it to the test I discovered that they are far less bulky-looking than the separate cloth and cover nappies that I use every day. They’re just as effective, but are that much quicker to put on, and they make Lily look that much littler :)

Truth be told, I’m a bit disappointed that I bought the the separates only a couple of months before the all-in-ones were launched because I would have far rather gone with the new versions. Purely from an aesthetic and time-saving point of view.

To anyone who’s trying to decide on which cloth nappies to choose, I can highly recommend these Mother Nature ones. I only seem to need to change Lily about four times a day (and use one eco disposable at night) and besides when she had a tummy bug, we are still nappy rash free! If you’re considering buying them, take a look here.

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