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Natural Teething Remedies

by Sarah on October 6th, 2010

My little Lily has recently started the teething process. I imagine we’re still about a month off the actual cutting of her teeth, because they say this usually takes a month or two from when you notice teething to start. How do I know that she’s started? She’s drooling like a crazy lady, bites anything that comes near her mouth (my chin is her favourite!) and rubs her gums (ferociously!) on her toys every now and then.

So, I’ve bought her an Amber necklace to help in general, and then when I notice that she has particularly itchy gums, I rub on a little Chamomilia Homeopathic powder, which definitely seems to help numb the itch.

For those who don’t know how the necklace works, amber is known to create an electromagnetic field which enhances the human frame of mind. I believe that because babies are such pure little beings, they’re completely open to this sort of thing, their own magnetic field happily working in tune with that of the necklace. Amber has been worn for thousands of years by Asians and Europeans, for helping with boosting the immune system, reducing inflammation and speeding up the healing of wounds. Just what a mini teether needs!

Lily’s been wearing the Amber necklace for two weeks now, and it definitely seems to be making a difference – the ferocious gum rubbing has stopped! I guess the true test will come when her teeth actually push through the gums. More on this when we get there!

Oh, and I also believe that freezing thick strips of cucumber and baby marrow, and then giving them to your baby to chew on, are a real life-saver too. I’d imagine that it should only be done from about six months onwards though, maybe someone else who’s tried this option can let us know how it went?

  • Gauri Ma

    Awesome! Off to buy my baby an amber necklace, then! I love crystals and understand their power but have been forgetting to put them to use for some time, now. Thanks for the reminder.

    I use a homeopathic mix (including Chamomila) for Anya and it really works. Within literally minutes her mood can be back to GREAT (if she was fussy with discomfort). If I am ever tempted to doubt the power of homeopathy, using it on my child restores my faith 100%.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Gauri! Would love to hear how the necklace goes for Anya, and also if
    your powder says what other ingredients are in it? *Sarah

  • Gauri Ma

    Hey, sure. The ones we use are actually dissolvable pillules from Hylands. The ingredients are:
    Dioscorea 3X
    Chamomilla 3X
    Colcyinthis 3x

    To be honest I think it is the chamomilla she responds to so quickly, as it is also in her colic mix which also works really fast on her… but I am not a homeopath, so this is just guessing.

    Stay cool.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Gauri!

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  • tiaana

    where do you buy this necklace??

  • Anonymous

    Hi Tiaana,

    You can get them at most health shops, otherwise definitely sells them.


  • Ovca

    I am doing the necklace. It’s amazing, but I have to say clove essential oil (therapeutic  grade) works wonders!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the input! Where do you apply the Clove oil? Externally or internally?

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