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An Early Start to Solids

by Sarah on October 15th, 2010

I wasn’t keen to start Lily on solids until she was at least six months, but unfortunately that was not to be the case. Because Lily’s reflux started to peak at about 3 months, and her sleeping at night went backwards, I asked a couple of paediatricians, a clinic sister and some other moms who had reflux babies what to do. They all said the same thing. When Lily reaches 4 months (17 weeks) it would be a good idea to start her on solids because it helps to weigh breast milk down.

Now the other thing that I was a bit sad about was that I was keen to try out the “baby led weaning” method – which Kerryn is going to chat to you about soon. You can wean them this way when they’re able to feed themselves, and Lily’s hand control is not quite there yet. So, me spoon-feeding Lily rice cereal is where we began.

Because it all started sooner than expected, I didn’t feel too clued up on how to go about introducing foods. Luckily, I had Annabel Karmel’s “New Complete Baby and Toddler Meal Planner” (which I’ve briefly told you about before) and then recently bought “the Truuuly Scrumptious book of organic baby purees”. It’s written by Topsy Fogg and Janice Fisher, and truth be told, I chose it based purely on its cover. Number One, I love the design, and Number Two, it had the word “organic” in the title. Two pretty good reasons to me!

Both of these books explain nice and clearly how and when to start solids, when things like protein can be added, and of course, give you the most scrumptious recipes for purees.

I gave Lily rice cereal for two weeks, and am moving slowly through the introductory fruit and veggies, but so far my munchkin is loving it all. I have no doubt that when we get to the point where I can try out some of their more exciting recipes she will be loving them too! Oh, the solids do seem to be doing their job with the reflux. I can’t say it’s gone completely, but she definitely seems more comfortable than before  :)